Moving a Brand to Another Account / Merging Two Accounts

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*This feature is not available in all plans. To see the different plans or make changes to your plan, go to the Plan & Billing tab in your account.

Studios who have been with ShootProof for a long time may have multiple accounts: one for their family photography, one for their wedding photography, and so on.  However, since the introduction of multiple brand support, studios can now set up separate brands in one single account, which makes it easier to manage yet still keeps the logos, emails, and galleries of those different brands separate and different.

If you have multiple ShootProof accounts and would like to combine them into one single account, our team can help! When we move a brand from one account to another, we move all of the associated data with it: gallery visitors, emails sent to your clients, orders, contracts, etc.  All existing links to galleries, contracts, and invoices will continue to work.

There are a few things to consider when considering the merge of two accounts:

  • Music playlists will have to be reassigned to galleries on the Settings page for each gallery. 
  • Price Sheets will need to be reassigned to galleries on the Settings page for each gallery.
  • Items in clients' shopping carts will be removed.

Music playlists and Price Sheets can be reassigned using the "bulk actions" button, so if you have a large number of galleries affected by the merge, this workflow may help!  Simply go to Photos, select the galleries you wish to make changes to, and click the Bulk Actions button in the top right.

There is a $175 USD charge to have ShootProof move a brand from one account to another. If you're interested or have any other questions regarding how this merge works, contact our team at

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