How do I accept credit cards at checkout?

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For your clients to be able to checkout and make payments through your ShootProof gallery with a  credit card, you must select a Payment Gateway.

If you do not select a Payment Gateway, or if you have a payment gateway but have the Pay Later function enabled in your Gallery Settings, clients will be able to checkout simply by entering their basic address and contact information. You can then arrange to accept their payment outside of ShootProof. 

All of the Payment Gateway options are easily integrated with ShootProof!

You can choose the Payment Gateway that works best for your business:


ShootProof Pay (Easy Setup)
*PayPal Website Payments Pro (*Pro Business Account)
* (Also available in Canada)

*Studios who signed up before June 2021 also had the option to use PayPal Website Payments Pro or If you are a US-based studio still using either of these options, please be aware that if you remove your gateway, you will not be able to add it back. You will only have access to ShootProof Pay going forward.


PayPal Website Payments Pro (Business Account)
PayPal Website Payments Standard (Business Account)

Selecting a Payment Gateway

1. Go to Account Icon  

2. Choose Accept Credit Cards

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