How do I add and edit contacts?

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You can manage your client and vendor information directly in your ShootProof account!

Adding Contacts

1.  Go to Studio > Contacts > New Contact

2.  Enter the contact's information in the provided sections.

3.  Add optional information:

  • In the "Tags" section, you can enter keywords ("tags") that you'd like to be associated with this client. For example, some photographers may mark clients as "bride," "groom," "florist," etc.
  • In the Referrals section, add the name of other contacts that were referred to you by this contact
  • In the "Linked Galleries" section, you can choose galleries that this client is linked to or related to. You can also begin creating a brand new gallery here.

4.  Click "Save."

* Once you've saved the basic information for a contact, you can then link galleries, add referrals, and view activity by going to Studio > Contacts and clicking on the contact's name.

Editing Contacts

1.  Go to Studio > Contacts

2.  Click on the name of the contact.

3.  Click Edit, and then make the changes.

4.  Don't forget to save!

Deleting Contacts

1.  Go to Studio > Contacts

2.  Click the "Delete" button beside the contact you wish to remove.

*  Be sure you truly want to delete this contact's information! This will remove the contact from any galleries that he or she is assigned to, and cannot be undone.

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