Why do you need my credit card?

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There are three reasons why your credit card would need to be on file in your ShootProof account:

1. If you are in a paid plan, ShootProof needs your credit card to cover the monthly or annual invoice.

2. If you are a photographer based in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Luxembourg, or Ireland, and you create a lab-based price sheet, your credit card will ensure that there is a means to pay for the lab costs. You can learn more about how the lab is paid here:  How is the lab paid?

3. If you are using the Archiving feature, there is a $0.04 per gigabyte per month charge that will be paid with your credit card each month. (There is a $1 monthly minimum charge for this service.)

To enter your credit card in your ShootProof account:

1. Go to Account > Plan & Billing > Credit Card