What if I'm already using another proofing service?

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Are you a little hesitant about switching over to ShootProof because you’ve already paid for another proofing service? Well, we’ve got you covered! When you switch, we will give you ShootProof credit for the time you have left with your other service.

To take advantage of our Competitor Buyout program, set up a new account. Then, take a screenshot from your current service’s plan page that shows your payment amount and renewal date, and send it to our team at support@shootproof.com. We’ll issue you ShootProof credit for the amount of time you have remaining!

Competitor Buyout Terms
The maximum credit that will be issued to a studio for the competitor buyout is the lesser of 1 year of the competitor’s service or $1,000. ShootProof reserves the sole right to determine services that are considered competitors.

Contact support@shootproof.com to find out if the service you are using is deemed a competitor of ShootProof.