How do I accept payments outside of ShootProof?

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You can accept payments outside of ShootProof, either by not enabling a payment gateway, or by enabling the 'Pay Later' option in conjunction with your payment gateway. Offline payments are great for photographers who wish to accept cash or checks from their clients, or who would like to use a payment gateway that is not currently supported in our system.

To turn on 'Pay Later' for a gallery:

1. Go to Photos > Gallery

2. Click "Settings"

3. Go to the "Shopping Cart" tab

4. Turn on the "Enable Pay Later" option

You can also include an optional message for those clients who wish to pay later.

Note: If you allow your clients to bypass payment using either of the above options, then your credit card will be charged for lab costs if an order is processed through one of ShootProof's partner labs. Learn more about how the lab is paid here.

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