How do I archive my photos and remove them from Archiving later?

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It's super simple to move your photos into archiving and unarchive them again! 

How to Archive

When you archive your gallery, the gallery will become static, meaning you will not be able to create new albums or move photos between albums within an Archived gallery.  Archived galleries are not live for client viewing.

Go to Photos > Galleries > Actions > Archive

How to Unarchive

You can easily take a gallery out of Archiving and make it live for clients to view, order, and download from. Go to Photos > Galleries > select the "Archived" filter box > Actions > Unarchive

Galleries can be removed from archiving at any time at no charge. Your gallery will then be live and clients will have access to viewing, ordering, and downloading from the gallery. To unarchive a gallery, you'll need to be sure you have enough space available in your monthly plan.

If you don't have space in your plan, or you simply want to access your files and not return the gallery to its live status, you can download individual photos to your desktop, or you can download the entire gallery as a whole. You can also delete photos in an Archived gallery. You'll see these options inside each individual Archived gallery.

*If you had an expiration date on the gallery, you may need to set it to a date in the future upon unarchiving the gallery.

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