How do I create a contract from a contract template?

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Contract templates save you time in that you only have to create them once, and then they can be reused over and over again from client to client. For example, if you have a particular wedding contract that you use for every wedding that you shoot, but there are small pieces of information that change (such as the venue location and the number of hours included in the package), a template can keep this organized for you.

Contracts are the actual documents that you send to the client for signing; you use a template to create a contract.

How to create a contract from a template:

  1. Go to Studio > Contracts 
  2. New Contract > With a Template you've saved
  3. Give the new contract a name and select the Template you'd like to use > Create Contract
  4. Add a Linked Contact and optional Second Signer, Due Date, and Logo
  5. Fill in Blanks as needed > Save Contract
  6. When the contract is ready, easily send it to your client



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