How do I create a contract template?

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Templates are helpful because they can be used again and again for many different clients and situations, and using them saves you from having to recreate the wheel. If you use a particular contract or form for weddings, one for portraits, and another for newborns, you can set up multiple templates.

Purchasing a template from the ShootProof Marketplace? Follow the steps here to customize it and save it as a reusable template in your account. 


Creating Your First Template

1. Go to Studio > Contracts > Templates > and click the New Template button

2. Give your template a name. Generally, template names will be generic ("Wedding Contract" or "Model Release") and not specific to one particular client.

3. Copy and paste the text of the document from your existing document into the Template Body.

4. Use the "Variables" button to insert common information that every contract will need, such as the client's name, address, and phone number, the contract's due date, and your brand name and contact information. When you use this template to make a contract later, the ShootProof system will automatically populate these details for you, as long as they are saved for that specific client in the Contacts area of your account! (Learn more about how Variables work and when to use them here.)

5. Use the "Insert Blank" button to put a placeholder in the document. This is helpful for information that will likely change from client to client and for information that the ShootProof system doesn't know, such as the wedding venue, the number of hours included in the coverage, or the number of weeks until the client receives his or her prints. (Learn more about how Blanks work and when to use them here.)

6. Use the "Insert Fillable Field" button to add a short or long field to the contract. Fillable fields let you quickly and easily collect client information like home address, venue address, phone number, names, and more - right within the contract. 

7.  Select a logo. The color set you choose here can be customized on the Colors & Logos page in your account.

8. Choose a language.

9. Click save! 

Creating a Template from an Existing Template

If you have a template already made and would like to create and save a second version of it:

1. Go to Studio > Contracts > Templates > New Template > and select "With a Template You've Saved"

2. Name the new template and select the original template you wish to make a new version of.

3. Edit the template, choose a logo and language, and save!