How do I Upload Galleries with the Desktop Uploader?

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ShootProof's Desktop Uploader allows you to quickly download an application to your computer and then upload photos directly to your ShootProof galleries!  

There's no need to fuss with folders inside your galleries, as the Desktop Uploader will create albums for you, based on the folder structure on your computer.  Plus, the Uploader is fast and can handle queuing up multiple uploads, so you can set it and forget it.


Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 7 64-bit or higher
  • Mac OS 10.11 or higher

Installation and Setup

1.  Download the Desktop Uploader by clicking here, or go to Photos > Tools in your Studio Panel.

2.  Install the Uploader to your computer.

3.  Follow the on-screen instructions to log into your account and Authorize the Uploader to access your account.   

4.  You're logged in and ready to go!   If at any time you wish to deauthorize the Uploader, you can click Settings in the top right and click Deauthorize Account at the bottom of the screen.  


Upload Your Photos

1.  You can drag photos onto the Uploader, or you can click the "Upload Folder" or "Upload Files" buttons to select images.  

When you upload a Folder, the Uploader will create albums in your gallery that follow the structure of the Folder you've uploaded.  For example, if your folder is called "Wedding" and you have folders directly underneath named "Ceremony," "Reception," and "Bridal Party," each with images in them, ShootProof albums will automatically be created named "Ceremony," "Reception," and "Bridal Party," and the photos will be appropriately placed.

2.  If you have multiple brands set up in your account, select the brand you wish to upload to.

3.  Select an existing Gallery in your ShootProof account, or create a new Gallery.

4.  Choose the watermark you'd like applied to the images.

5.  By default, the Uploader will skip over files with the same name that are already uploaded to that Gallery. If you wish to upload duplicates, uncheck the box beside "Skip files that have already been uploaded."  Otherwise, leave this setting alone.

6.  Click Start Upload in the top right corner.

Managing Your Uploads

- If you should need to pause an upload, you can click the Pause button on the bottom right.

- To add another upload to the queue, click the New Upload icon on the left.

- To remove upload history from the main screen, click Clear from Queue on the bottom right.

Manage Your Photos

After uploading, you can click the Manage Photos link on the bottom right to view the photos in your ShootProof account. 



You can adjust the settings for the Uploader by clicking the Settings button in the top right corner. Here, you can turn alerts on and off, though we suggest leaving them set to the default settings, which means you'll be notified when an upload is complete if you've moved on to other work or have other windows open on top of the Uploader's workspace.

You can also check for updates to the Uploader here.

We recommend keeping the Bandwith Speed set to the maximum upload rate possible.

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