What is Pre-Release?

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Pre-Release is an optional gallery setting that will allow visitors to enter their email address prior to the photos being released for viewing and purchasing. ShootProof will collect the visitors' email addresses on your behalf, and they will be visible to you in the 'Gallery Visitors' view of your ShootProof Studio Panel.

Pre-Release can be used for any gallery type. For example, at a wedding, you may want to collect email addresses leading up to and following the event while you are preparing the photos for viewing.

To turn Pre-Release on:

  1.  Go to Photos > Galleries
  2.  Click Actions > Settings on the specific gallery you wish to work with
  3.  On the General tab, select Pre-Released in the Gallery Access section


To give a Linked Contact access to the gallery while it's in Pre-Release:

The Linked Contact will have full access to the gallery by using this URL, but all other visitors to the gallery will see the normal Pre-Registration page.

  1.  Set the gallery to Pre-Released, as described above.
  2.  Link a contact to the gallery.  (If you want the client to be able to hide and/or label photos, enable those privileges.)
  3.  In the gallery, click the Share Gallery button, and select Email <Linked Contact>
  4. The email shown will provide the Linked Contact with his or her private link.  
    • The Contact MUST have an Access Code, or this link will not work. If you did not assign an Access Code when adding your Linked Contact, you will need to exit the email to add this first. Once you are back to your gallery, expand the Linked Contact area by clicking the arrow to the right of your Contact's name. Click Edit, and add the Access Code and then Save.

To release a gallery from Pre-Release manually and immediately tell registered guests that the gallery is live:

  1.  Go to Photos > Galleries > Actions > Release Gallery
  2.  Select Release Gallery and Email Visitors
  3.  Customize your message (or select a template) and click Release


To schedule a gallery's release from Pre-Registration mode automatically:

On this date, the gallery will automatically become live for viewing. Gallery visitors will not be notified that the gallery is live.  If you'd like to notify the clients who've pre-registered that the gallery is live, you'll want to set up an Email Campaign, as described here.

  1.  Go to Photos > Galleries
  2.  Go to Actions > Settings on the specific gallery
  3.  Set a "Release Date” that is in the future



To release a gallery from Pre-Registration mode manually and NOT tell guests that the gallery is live:

  1.  Go to Photos > Galleries > Actions > Release Gallery
  2.  Select Release Gallery Without Emailing Visitors

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