How do I create an Invoice Template?

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If you have certain wedding packages, discounts, tax rates, and settings that you want to save for multiple Invoices, you can save an Invoice as a template so you don’t have to recreate it from scratch every time you need to bill a client.

Create an Invoice Template

  1.  Go to Commerce > Invoices > Templates > New Template
  2.  Name the template
  3.  Complete the fields you'd like to save in your template, such as the specific items that should appear, a discount, the Retainer/Deposit fee, the logo, and email campaigns.
  4.  Click “Save Template”

Use an Invoice Template

  1.  Go to Commerce > Invoices
  2.  Click “New Invoice”
  3.  Select “With a template you’ve saved” and select the template
  4.  Click “Create”
  5.  Enter the rest of the necessary information (such as contact name and final due date)
  6.  Save your invoice
  7.  Link the invoice to a contract, if desired, and send both to your client at the same time.