What is the Gallery Visitors Report?

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The Gallery Visitors Report gives you valuable information about the
clients who have viewed your photo galleries.

You can see a Gallery Visitors list for each individual gallery

Go to Photos > Actions > Gallery Visitors to view information for a specific gallery. From this page, you can also email groups of visitors (i.e., all visitors who have placed an order, all visitors who have items in their carts, etc.) by clicking the "Email" button.

*Did you know that you can send emails to the visitors to your gallery automatically? Read more here.

You can also see a Gallery Visitors list across galleries. 

For this broader report, go to Reports > Gallery Visitors.

Understanding the Gallery Visitors Report

  • Search / Filter
    • Use the "Search" button to filter by gallery or by email address
  • Download All Gallery Visitors
    • Use this button to download a .csv file of the information shown on the Gallery Visitors Report
  • Last Activity
    • The "last activity" column shows that particular visitor's most recent activity. It does not tell you every time a visitor has entered a gallery.
  • Favorites
    • If a visitor has chosen Favorite photos in a gallery, a number will appear here. You can click this number to view the photos this visitor marked as Favorites.
  • Free Digitals
    • If you have One-Click Free Digitals turned on in a gallery and a visitor has downloaded photos, the word "View" will appear here. You can click "View" to see which files the client downloaded.
  • Cart Items
    • If a visitor has items in his or her cart, you can click on the number indicated here to view a detailed list of the shopping cart. 
  • Orders
    • Orders placed by a visitor will be listed here. Click on the individual order number to view its details.