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Boutique Packaging can be added in the lab approval process for each order that you submit to the labs through ShootProof. This can be the perfect touch for orders that you will ship directly to your clients from the lab, or just when you want an upscale presentation for your delivery.

Learn more about each lab's boutique packaging options:

Bay Photo's Boutique Packaging (USA & Canada)
Black River Imaging's Boutique Packaging (USA)
Loxley Colour's Boutique Packaging (UK and other European countries)
ProDPI's Executive and Green Executive Packaging (USA & Canada) 
Miller's Boutique Packaging (USA)
Richard Photo Lab Boutique Packaging (USA)
Technicare (Canada)

With all labs, the largest size print that boutique packaging is available for is an 11x14 (14x10 for Loxley Colour). If you happen to have images larger than this included in an order, only the 11x14's (or 14x10) and smaller will be packaged in the boutique box; the remaining portion of the order will not be contained in the boutique box or folder. Because of this, if your order only contains 16x20 prints or larger, you will not see the Boutique Packaging option as an add-on when submitting your order through ShootProof.

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