How do I assign a playlist to a gallery?

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Add Music to your galleries in a few simple steps. After you’ve created or chosen the perfect playlist, use the following steps to assign it to your galleries.

To assign a playlist while viewing playlists or songs:

1. Go to Photos > Music
2. Go to Playlists
3. On the left side of the page, click Assign under the Playlist
4. Select the gallery or galleries
*If a gallery is already linked with this playlist, that gallery will not appear in the select menu.*
5. Click Assign!

To assign a playlist from your gallery settings:

1. Go to Photos > Galleries
2. Click on the specific gallery to which you'd like to add music
3. Go to Gallery Settings > Gallery
4. Activate "Add Music Playlist"
5. Choose a Playlist, and save!

Choosing autoplay in your gallery's settings means that your playlist will begin when your clients first enter the gallery. 

**It's important to note that not all browsers support auto-play by default, so it may not work in all instances, depending on the type and age of browser that you or your client are using. 

If auto-play isn't working, update the browser preferences to allow auto-play.