What are the capabilities of the Invoices?

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You have several options to make Invoices work for your business!

Retainer, Deposit, or Non-Refundable Payment
If you'd like your clients to pay a retainer or a deposit that is due earlier than the remainder of the Invoice amount,  you can set this up easily! You'll choose whether the retainer should be a percentage of the total or a fixed amount, and also select what the payment is called.

Installments and Payment Plans
Offering your client a payment plan? Want to split up a larger bill into chunks? Use Installments to set up smaller amounts for your client to pay. Installments can be a set amount or a percentage of the total, and each has its own due date.

Clients can enroll in AutoPay so they never miss a bill date! A credit card is saved safely and securely, and is billed automatically on the due date you’ve specified. Both the client and the studio can save the payment card, and both can remove or edit it, as well.

Payment Options
Choose whether you'd like your clients to have the option of paying by cash/check and / or credit card.

Final Due Date
Choose the date you'd like the Invoice to be paid by. Your clients will see this date as a "Due Date" in their view of the Invoice.

You can add a name for the item / product you're billing the client for, as well as a description. Edit the quantity to see a total price for that line, and decide if that specific item is taxable (or not).


You can add a discount to your invoice. Create your discount as you create your invoice, or use one that you’ve previously saved as a template. Discounts apply to the invoice as a whole and only one discount can apply to an individual invoice.

Sales Tax
Need to collect tax or VAT? Set the rate (and create your own label) on the Invoice. Then, select which individual items this tax applies to.

Send Reminder Emails
Send your clients reminders that their bills are due, or that they haven't been paid, automatically!