How do I save specific Invoice items?

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If you have certain items or products that you sell or specific things you will be billing multiple clients for, you can save each of these line items so you don’t have to recreate them from scratch every time you need to add them to an Invoice.

Create and Save a Line Item

1.  Go to Commerce > Invoices > Line Items

2.  Click the "New Line Item" button

3.  Enter the item's name, a description, a quantity, an item price, and check "taxable," if applicable

4.  Click “Save”

Alternatively, you can save a Line Item when you're creating a new Invoice; simply click the "Save this line item for later" link before clicking “Add Item.”


Use a Saved Line Item

1.  Go to Commerce > Invoices > New Invoice

2.  In the Items section, click “Add Item” and begin typing the name of the saved Line Item

3.  Click on the correct Line Item when it appears

4.  Complete the rest of the invoice and send it to your client!