How do I refund an Invoice payment?

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Studios using ShootProof Payments as their payment gateway can issue a full or partial refund to their customers during the first 5 days following the date/time stamp of the invoice payment. If the payment was made outside of the 5-day window, you'll need to arrange the refund with your client outside of ShootProof.

Note: If AutoPay is turned on for an invoice, future installments will not be affected by the refund.

Steps for Issuing a Refund on an Invoice

If you would like to give a partial refund, wait until 24 hours have passed since the client made the payment so the charge can fully settle. For full refunds, you can follow the steps below immediately after payment to void the charge. (After the charge has settled, the refund will show as a “refund” as opposed to a “void.”)

1. Go to Commerce > Invoices > Click on the specific invoice

2.  Click on the “Payments” tab at the bottom of the page

3.  Click "Refund” in the far right column beside the payment you wish to refund

4. Select “Full Refund” or “Partial Refund”

5. Add an optional message to the automatic email notification, if desired

6. Click “Next”

7. Confirm the refund by clicking “Refund Payment”

Refunds typically take between 2-3 days from the time that the refund was initiated. However, it is possible that with some banks it can take up to 5 days or even until the end of the billing cycle to show up on the client’s statement.

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