What mounting options are offered through Loxley Colour?

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Mounting Options

Loxley Colour currently offers 3 types of mounting for photographic print orders through ShootProof. Print mounting is a process where photographic prints are mounted to a substrate to enhance the presentation of the print and increase durability. Presentation ­takes­ precedence ­with ­a ­range ­of mounting­ ­options­ that­ take­ your photography ­to ­the ­next ­level! 

2000 Micron Card

Foamboard - 5mm and 10mm

Foamex - 3mm, 5mm, and 10mm

Example of a gloss print on 10mm Foamboard:



Adding Mounting to Prints in any Loxley Colour lab order

Mounting can easily be added to Loxley Colour print orders during the lab order approval process in your ShootProof account. 

Before clicking the "Start Approval" button in any lab order, you can click the "Edit Item" link for any individual photo or product to view the mounting and texture options that are available, along with the cost associated with each option. Options and prices vary based on the print size that is ordered.

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