What are the boutique packaging options through Loxley Colour?

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Loxley Colour offers three types of Boutique Packaging options that you can choose from in the lab order approval step on your order page.  Your prints deserve a beautifully polished presentation!

Available in four sizes and three popular colours, it’s the ideal way to present the finished product to clients.  Each box is carefully chosen to accommodate its contents up to size 371x271mm (14x10), and the package is hand-finished with a contrasting luxury stretch ribbon. Choose from natural, coffee, and black packaging.

*Note: Boutique packaging from Loxley will be shipped along with the rest of the order. Prints will be shipped along side the boutique packaging, not packaged within it. 

Black Boutique Packaging  (£6.00)



Cocoa Boutique Packaging  (£6.00)



Natural Boutique Packaging  (£6.00) 


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