How do I approve a client order to be printed / sent to the lab?

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*This feature is not available in all plans. To see the different plans or make changes to your plan, go to the Plan & Billing tab in your account.

When a client places a lab-based order, you'll be required to approve it for printing. (This is currently only available for U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Finland, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Romania, and Latvia-based studios.)  

Orders that are waiting for submittal to the lab are marked as "Awaiting Studio" in the Lab Progress column of the Orders page.



To approve an order to be sent to the lab, follow these easy steps:

1.  Go to Commerce > Orders

2.  Click on the specific order (or search for it using the "Search" button)

3.  Click the photo in the Crop column to adjust the crop for that specific print size 


  • Edit the item ordered or change the quantity - Click "Edit Item" beside an individual product  
  • Add mounting and/or texture where applicable - Click "Edit Item" beside an individual product
  • Replace Files - Click "Replace" below a photo to swap out the file that will be used to print

4.  Click "Start Approval"

5.  Review and confirm that crops are correct

6.  Add on boutique packaging and color correction, if desired

7.  Choose a shipping speed

8.  Choose an address to ship the order to (the address the client entered, your studio address on file, or an alternate address of your choice)

9.  Click "Send to Lab"


* Note that once an order is approved to be printed at the lab, it cannot be canceled or changed.*

If for some reason you need to change an order from lab-fulfilled to self-fulfilled after the client places the order, you can learn how to do that here.

If you are interested in enabling Auto-Approval for your lab orders, you can learn how here

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