How do I place an order for my studio at cost?

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Studio Orders allow you to order prints and products through your preferred partner lab at cost, without paying the markup you charge your clients. Studio Orders are an easy way to:

  • Order studio samples, to show your clients the size and quality of the items you offer
  • Add gift prints to client orders, before sending the order to the lab
  • Order prints of your own photos, for personal use 

If you use ShootProof Pay and you have available funds in your account, we'll use those funds to cover the lab costs. If you have no available funds, we'll charge your credit card on file when you submit the order to the lab.

If you are a non-US studio using another payment processor, we'll charge your credit card on file for lab costs when you submit the order to the lab.

To place a Studio Order:

  1. Go to Photos > Galleries

  2. Click on a gallery

  3. Click to select the images that you would like to purchase.
    If you select multiple images, "Buy Selected Photos" will allow you to purchase the same product and quantity of that product for the selected images. 

  4. Choose either:

    • Create a New Order
      • This will create a brand new order on your orders page.
      • Choose with which lab you want this order to be printed. No need to have a price sheet created with that lab - you’ll have access to their full range of products through this process.


    • Add to Existing Order
      • This allows you to add additional items to an existing order, either as a gift print, or to add items on behalf of a client.
      • Since your client already paid for their order, adding items to an existing client order will not charge them. If you need to collect additional funds to cover the cost, consider using our Invoice feature.

  5. Select which items and quantities you want to add to your order. If you have selected multiple images, the quantity you choose will apply to all of the images.
    For example, if you select images DSC_01.jpg, DSC_02.jpg and DSC_03.jpg, and then choose to add one 5x7 print, 3 items will be added to the order: 1 item for each file selected.

  6. Select Review to check your selections, then Add to Order. 

  7. Click View Order to view and approve the order.

*If you are using Auto-Approval, orders created within your account will never be automatically submitted to the lab. Only orders created by a client will be eligible for auto-approval.