Can I change a lab-fulfilled order into a self-fulfilled order?

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If your client has placed an order in a gallery with a lab price sheet attached to it and you decide to get those items printed outside of ShootProof instead, you'll want to convert that order to self-fulfilled.

You may also need to convert individual items to self-fulfilled if you no longer want to have those fulfilled by the lab or need to remove them from an order. When you just convert some items to self-fulfilled (not the entire order), the lab cost for the converted items will not be deducted from the client's payment. The client will still be charged the amount that was shown at checkout, so if you want to refund them for those converted items you can do that after you've submitted the order with the instructions found here

*Those using ShootProof Pay as your payment gateway should be aware that when you convert a lab-fulfilled order to self-fulfilled, your client's card will be charged for the order at that time.


To convert a lab-fulfilled order to a self-fulfilled order:

1. Go to Commerce > Orders > click on the specific order

2. Click the overflow button (looks like this: "...")

3. Select "Convert Items to Self-Fulfilled"

4. Follow the prompts to convert the order (or specific items) to self-fulfilled

*Converting items and orders to self-fulfilled removes all options to send the items or orders to the lab through ShootProof. Once you've switched something to self-fulfilled, there is no way to revert it back.