How can I tell if my client has downloaded his or her digital files?

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Your clients will receive an email with a link to download their photos as soon as their orders are marked as paid. If the order payment is processed online, that will happen as soon as the transaction is complete. If you collect an offline payment, you'll need to mark the order as paid on the individual order page.

To check if your clients have downloaded their files:

1. Go to Commerce > Orders > the specific order page

2. Click the Order Summary button


1. Go to Studio > Email

2. Click the Show History button on the client's digital download link email (or use the Search & Filter button to help you find it)

This will show you whether or not your client opened the email and/or clicked the download link.

* Because digital downloads are delivered by email, some clients might overlook the email (it may come from an unknown address), it could end up in their spam folder, or they may have entered their own email address incorrectly when placing the order (it happens more often than you think!). If for some reason your client doesn't receive the link, you can retrieve it from the Order Summary link on the order page.