How do my clients receive their paid digital files?

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The way your client will receive his or her digital downloads depends on how you've set them up in your ShootProof account.

ShootProof-Fulfilled Digital Downloads

With ShootProof-fulfilled digitals, once clients complete and pay for their orders, they will automatically receive an email with a link to download a .zip file of their photos. 

If the client did not pay for the order at checkout (i.e. you do not have a payment gateway set up or if you have the Pay Later option turned on and the client has chosen it), the email will not be sent until you mark their order as paid in your studio control panel. 

For studios using ShootProof Pay as their payment processor, the files will not be sent until the payment for the order has been processed. This means that if there are also any lab-fulfilled items in their order, the payment for the order will not be processed until the order has been submitted to the lab. TTey will not receive their digitals until that order has been submitted to the lab. 

If you have a ShootProof watermark added to your photos with ShootProof, it will be removed from the files before delivery.

Download times may vary depending on the size and quantity of the images ordered, and, of course, are dependent on the client's internet connection.

Note:  The download link emailed to your client will expire 7 days after creation. If a client clicks the link in the email after that 7-day period and the gallery is still active in your account, the link will be regenerated and your client will receive a new email with a new download link. If the gallery has been archived, the link cannot be regenerated. The gallery would need to be un-archived so your client can request a new one by clicking on the original link again. If your gallery has been deleted, you will need to re-upload the photos and send your client a new download link.

Self-Fulfilled Digital Downloads

Self-fulfilled digital downloads are handled by your studio. ShootProof will not send your client any files; it's up to you to deliver these!