What is archiving?

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Archiving is a safe and easy way to store backup copies of your photos when they're no longer needed for client viewing while also retaining gallery visitor information that you can use later for sales and promotions.

Why Archive?

Besides the obvious benefit of serving as a backup of your images, archiving frees up space for more active photos and allows you to save valuable gallery visitor information. When you're ready to hold a sale or promotion, simply unarchive your galleries and apply an email campaign, sending emails to all gallery visitors. 

For example, archive your galleries as they expire throughout the year, and when the holidays arrive, unarchive them and send all visitors a holiday sale email campaign, encouraging them to order photos as holiday gifts.

Add Archiving to your Workflow

Automatically archive galleries when they expire by enabling this Advanced setting:


In your Gallery Settings, select Advanced, then enable the toggle and indicate how many days after expiration you'd like your gallery archived. To make sure all future galleries are archived after expiration, enable this setting in your Gallery Presets.

Safe & Secure

Your photos are redundantly stored on multiple hard drives in the cloud at several different locations. Archiving your files with ShootProof is 400 times more reliable than saving your photos on a typical hard drive. Your original-size photos are stored securely in the cloud. With just one click, you can download your files or un-archive an entire gallery to let clients view, purchase, and download.