Where do I set my shipping prices?

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You can set the shipping rates and options on each price sheet in the Price Sheet Settings area.

  • Go to Commerce > Pricing and then click on the individual price sheet you'd like to work on.

  • The Shipping area located in Price Sheet Settings and will control the shipping options on orders placed using this price sheet.

On A Lab Fulfilled Price Sheet:

Choose the “Use Lab Shipping”  option to let your clients pay the same shipping fee the lab will charge you when drop shipping the order. Learn more here.
Or choose “Use Custom Shipping”  to create your own custom flat rate shipping option(s). Learn more here.

On A Self-fulfilled Price Sheet:

If you are working on a self-fulfilled price sheet, you will simply set your own flat rate shipping options in this same Shipping section on the Price Sheet Settings.

You will also see an Additional Shipping option when editing individual items. Use this option ONLY if you would like to apply additional shipping to that item specifically. This will apply to multiples of that item and in addition to the shipping established in the Settings area of the same price sheet. Learn more here.

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