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We’ve created a tool to help you reset your Gallery passwords quickly and easily. When you use this tool, you’ll receive a CSV file listing all new passwords, Gallery names, and Linked Contact email addresses for your reference. You'll also have the ability to automatically notify Linked Contacts of the password change via email.

The Gallery Password Reset tool will update passwords on all Galleries that are currently password-protected, including Active, Inactive, Pre-Release, and Archived Galleries, with and without a Linked Contact. The new passwords will be random, 12-character, alphanumeric passwords.

Only ShootProof account owners have access to the password reset tool. If you are not logged in as the account owner, log out, then log back in with the appropriate account owner's email address and password. 

If you’d like to learn about other security measures you can take to protect your clients’ images, read about Client Gallery Security Best Practices.


Automatically Reset Passwords for All Active password-protected Galleries:

To begin the password reset, click update the passwords on all of your galleries in the banner message at the top of your account.




When asked if you’d like to proceed, click Continue.


Next, you’ll be asked if you’d like to send emails to notify Linked Contacts of all Active Galleries of the password change. You'll see a preview of the email, which contains all the information your Linked Contact needs in order to access their Gallery with the new password. 

Select “Do Not Send Emails”, or “Send Emails”.



If you'd like to email all Gallery Visitors, you can use a Date-based Email Campaign, or use the Share Gallery button within the Gallery to email All Gallery Visitors (Pro tip: create a Share Gallery Email Template to save time). 


This step initiates the password reset for all password-protected Galleries. If you're ready to begin the process, click Reset Gallery Passwords.



The final step confirms that you'd like to create a new password for all password-protected Galleries. Once you click Reset Gallery Passwords, you cannot undo the action.  We’ll immediately email a CSV file to your email address and email the Linked Clients if you opted into email notification in the previous step.  




If you have more than one Brand in your ShootProof account, switch brands and repeat the process for your remaining Galleries. Once you’ve updated the passwords for each Brand, the banner message at the top of your account will be removed.


The only way to dismiss the banner at the top of your account is to automatically reset your passwords. If you’d like to manually reset Gallery passwords, you’ll need to access each Gallery individually. The temporary banner message will not be removed if you update your passwords manually. 

To manually update a Gallery password, go to Photos > Galleries > Actions > Settings > Access & Privacy > Password-Protect > Enter new password.

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