What happens when I upload a large gallery?

  • Updated

When you upload more than 2,500 photos to a gallery, there are some features that are disabled on the client side.

  • Photos will only appear in the client gallery if they are sorted into albums.

The All Photos album does not exist in a large gallery. In order for your clients to see their photos, you'll need to create albums within the gallery, which are like folders.  Then, sort your photos into the appropriate albums.  When your client visits the gallery, he or she will see the list of albums and can enter them to view the photos that are sorted into them.


  • Download All for free digitals is disabled.

If you turn on free digital downloads in the gallery, the Download All button will not appear on the gallery level. Instead, your client will need to enter each album and download photos from there. The client can, of course, still download individual files from the gallery one at a time.


  • Buy All button is disabled.

If you use the shopping cart to sell prints, products, or digitals in a gallery, the Buy All button is disabled. This means that a client will not be able to add all photos to the shopping cart at one time.