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WHCC offers Prints, Fine Art Prints, Canvases, and Metal prints through your ShootProof price sheets.

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WHCC offers four print types in various sizes that can be added to your WHCC price sheet(s) in ShootProof. 

Most Vibrant colors with a highly reflective, glossy finish.

WHCC's most popular paper type. A semi-gloss paper with vibrant colors and excellent skin tones.

A metallic base adds a shimmer and vibrant colors. Highly reflective, glossy finish.

Deep Matte 
True non-reflective matte paper great for skin tones, soft images, and black & whites.


Fine Art Papers

Designed for high quality digital fine art reproduction, all of these papers have a matte appearance with excellent image sharpness and optimal color density and gradation. The thickness and surface texture of these fine art papers provide both substance and beauty.





Gallery Wrap Canvas

WHCC Fine Art Canvas Prints are printed directly onto canvas using Epson archival large-format inkjet printers. WHCC Fine Art Canvas Prints have a tight and consistent weave that matches the texture most people think of for an artistic canvas. The canvas finish available to you through ShootProof is WHCC's Premium Fine Art Canvas with Semi-Gloss Laminate. This is their most popular canvas option with a slightly reflective finish.




Metal Prints

WHCC offers four finish types for you to offer to your clients.

White Base Metal Prints take your bright, vivid colors to the next level. The white base allows your image to pop with rich colors. WHCC's White Base is the best way achieve vibrant skin tones on metal.

White Base Metal with High Gloss Finish

The White with High Gloss has a luminous base with a reflective finish. WHCC's most popular Metal product, everything looks great on this sleek surface. Printed on high-quality aluminum and protected with a high gloss, reflective finish that increases the vibrancy of the white base.

Clear Base Metal Prints show the raw brushed metal through your image. Any white in your image will be clear on this metal, so the lighter your images, the more brushed metal texture will appear. The clear base allows the brushed metal to show through areas that are normally white.

Clear Base Metal with Matte Finish
Clear with Matte Finish offers the same metallic look, but is non-reflective. The clear base allows the brushed metal to show through areas that are normally white. Printed on high-quality aluminum and protected with a matte, non-reflective finish.


Metal Print Mounting Options

Foam Float
Foam with holes allows your Metal Print to float ¾” out from the wall. This will be available for most metal prints 5x10" and larger.

Metal Brackets
Metal Hanging Brackets are a durable backing option giving your Metal Print the appearance it's floating ¾” from the wall. 2 or more metal hanging brackets may be included on larger or panoramic sizes. The Metal Bracket mounting will be available for metal prints 5x10" and larger.


Metal Easel Back
Display your small Metal Prints on a tabletop surface. The easel back option is available for Metal Prints up to sizes 6x6".

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