Can I hide the albums within my gallery?

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Yes, albums can be hidden within a gallery!

This is an optional setting that has to be turned on in your account by our Support Team. If you're interested in this setting, just reach out to us at to have this enabled.

To Hide Albums within a Gallery

Once this setting has been activated in your account, follow these instructions to turn it on in your galleries:

1. Go to Photos > Galleries

2. Click on the specific gallery you would like to activate the Hide Albums setting within

3. Go to Gallery Settings > Advanced

4. Toggle on Hide albums within gallery

5. Save


Use this setting carefully. When you activate this setting within a gallery, clients will not be able to access the gallery itself, so you will need to provide clients with an album link. With this setting turned on, clients can ONLY view images within the album you've provided them the direct link to view. To find the direct album link:

1. Go to Photos > Galleries

2. Click on the specific Gallery you've activated the Hide Albums setting within

3. Click on the album you would like to share

4. Go to More Actions > Share Album





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