Can I add items to an existing order?

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Yes! You are able to add items to an existing client order.

Do note that when adding items to an existing client order, only the lab cost will be affected. There will be no additional charge to your client. If the items you add to an order exceed the amount collected at check out, your credit card on file will be charged for the remaining lab cost balance. (If you are using ShootProof Payments and have available profit greater than the amount owed on the order, these funds will be used to cover the lab cost instead of your credit card.)

To duplicate an item on an order:

  1. Head over to Commerce > Orders

  2. Click into an order

  3. Select Edit below the item

  4. Adjust the quantity

  5. Save


To add new items to an order:

  1. Head over to Photos > Galleries

  2. Click into a gallery

  3. Select the photo(s) you would like to add to the order. (Select an image with a left click.)
    *If you want to order all of the photos skip this step - not selecting an image or images will add your entire gallery of photos to your order.*

  4. Use More Actions to select Buy Photo (this will say Buy Photos if you’ve selected multiple images, or chosen to bypass the selection.)

  5. Choose to Add to Existing Order
    *Adding items to an order will not charge your client. If you will need to collect additional funds, consider using the invoice feature.*

  6. Choose which items and in what quantities you want to add to your order. If you have selected multiple images, your selections will apply to all of those images. 
    *Selecting images DSC_0001.jpg, DSC_0002.jpg and DSC_0003.jpg and then choosing to add 1, 5x7 glossy print will add 3 items to the order. 1 item for each file selected.*

  7. Select Add to Order to complete these changes.

  8. View changes on the Commerce > Orders page by clicking into view the order details.

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