Adding Video to your Gallery Intro Message

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Enhance your clients' gallery experience with a brief video displayed as they enter to view their images.

To add a video to your Gallery Into Message:

  1. Head over to Photos > Galleries
  2. Use Actions and select Settings
  3. Enter the Layout section
  4. Select Video from the Gallery Intro drop-down menu
  5. Add a text to the Headline field
  6. Copy the URL for your video from the browser or share option. See the GIFs below.


    • Your video must be hosted on Vimeo or YouTube in order to use this feature.
    • Make sure that you've enabled the embed option is activated in your video settings. 
    • We do not support custom URLs created through Vimeo. If you have a custom URL, please use the URL from your browser. 
  7. Paste the video's URL in the dialog box
  8. Click Save to save your settings










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