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What mounting and texture options are offered through GTA Imaging?

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Mounting Options



1/4” White.  Lightweight foam core board.  Popular for signing boards.  Framing recommended.


3/16” Black foam.  More rigid and sturdy than the foam, but lightweight.


This thin yet strong mounting substrate has a very smooth surface.  Made from plastic, Styrene is not affected by humidity or moisture so you can be assured it will keep its shape. 2mm thick, white only.


Texture Options

Texture is available for Lustre, Glossy, and Metallic prints up to 24x30” in size. Three different texture options add a professional touch to prints and help protect your images from being scanned.


Adds a slight sheen and pebbled texture to the prints.  Our most popular lamination.  Excellent choice for vivid colours.


Slightly more matte than satin and same pebbled texture.


Crosshatch linen type texture with a light sheen similar to the emery laminate.


No shine, true matte with same pebbled texture.

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