How do you use the Order Due Date?

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Use the Order Due Date as a way to encourage clients to get their orders in quickly.

The Order Due Date within your gallery settings is different than the Expiration Date. Even as your Order Due Date passes, the gallery will remain active.

Use your Order Due Date to remind clients to get their orders in!

Create an email template with the Order Due Date variable and our system will automatically input this date for you the next time you go to use this email template. 

  1. Head over to Studio > Email > Templates
  2. Click New Template (Or click on an existing email template to edit)
  3. Using the Variables tool in the email body, select the ((gallery.order_due_date)) variable. 

Use your Order Due Date to trigger an email in an email campaign!

Email Campaigns are a great tool, but if you haven't worked with them before, we recommend you check out our tutorial video. Learn more