How do I build and sell packages to my clients?

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Packages are an easy way to encourage clients to order more from your galleries. 

Before you get started, please check if your price sheet has existing discounts.

The only discounts that will work with using the package feature are the Cart and the Credit discounts. All other discounts can cause issues with properly calculating the order cost.

If your price sheet has any of the following discounts, you will need to remove them:

  • Item
  • Group
  • Multi-Item
  • BOGO

Create a Package

  1. Go to Commerce > Pricing

  2. Select your price sheet

  3. Click the Packages tab and then Add Package 

  4. Name the package and set the package price

    • The package price is what your clients pay for the package. The package value is the total your client would pay if they purchased all of the package items a la carte. The package value will auto-populate as you begin to add items to the package. 

  5. Add items to the package
    • Click on each group and click to add the desired quantity of each item
    • Items must already exist on your price sheet to be added to a package
    • You can add up to 50 of one particular item to a packageAdd Items to Package.gif
  6. Go to the Package Details tab to optionally:

    • Limit the package to one pose
    • Enter a package description for the client to see
    • Upload example images of the items in the package

  7. Click Save Package once you're done

Now any galleries using this price sheet will show the option to purchase a Package. Your clients will make their package selections, ensuring that all requirements are fulfilled before they can add the Package to their cart. 

Are you looking to only offer packages to your clients in a specific gallery? Learn how to set that up here.