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It's Black Friday, ShootProof's biggest sale of the year! We're excited to offer discounted photo plans, PLUS a $100 print credit to use with, and a portrait contract template from our friends at Design Aglow. Don't miss out on these amazing offers and see below for answers to some common questions.

What’s included in the 2021 Black Friday deal?

ShootProof’s 2021 Black Friday deals include 25% off 2 years of the 5,000, 25,000, and Unlimited photo plans. When you purchase a Black Friday deal, you’ll also receive a $100 gift card to, and the Essential Portrait Photography bundle from Design Aglow. The bundle includes these digital templates: portrait contract, client consultation form, payment plan contract, and order approval form.

Who is eligible to purchase a 2021 Black Friday deal?

ShootProof’s 2021 Black Friday plans are available to all US studios. 

How do I take advantage of the 2021 Black Friday deal and how long does it last?

Go to or look for the in-app messaging in your account. ShootProof's Black Friday sale starts at 7:00 am ET on November 23rd, 2021, and ends at 3:00 am ET on November 30th, 2021.

I already have a ShootProof account. How can I get the deal?

For existing users, the Black Friday deal is available for both your same photo plan and upgrades to a higher plan. For example, if you're currently in the 5,000 photo plan, you can purchase a 2-year deal in the 5,000 plan, or upgrade to higher plans at a discounted rate. Pro-tip: Look for deeper discounts and more items in higher-tiered plans!

I purchased a Black Friday bundle that includes a credit and a Design Aglow contract template. How do I claim these?

When you purchase a deal, we’ll email your print credit code and Design Aglow contract template to the account owner’s email address. Please allow up to three calendar days to receive the email.

Does my credit expire?

Your $100 credit expires on December 31, 2022.

What happens if I purchase a Black Friday deal in the middle of my billing cycle? 

We'll automatically prorate the time left in your current plan and apply it towards the cost of the deal. You'll see any credits or adjustments itemized during the checkout process. When you purchase a deal bundle, your new subscription period will begin and you'll have this great offer locked in for 24 months!


Are referral credits applied when I purchase a deal?

Referral credits are automatically applied to the cost of the deal. You'll see these itemized and shown as a money balance credit during the checkout process. 

If I purchase a Black Friday deal, can I move back to a monthly plan?

When you purchase a Black Friday deal, you prepay for twenty-four months of ShootProof. You’re free to move between plans as needed during that time. If you need additional photo storage space over the next year, you can upgrade your plan from the Plan & Billing page within your ShootProof account.

What happens to my ShootProof subscription when the deal expires?

Once the 2-year Black Friday deal ends, your ShootProof subscription will move back into one of our regular photo plans. Before that happens, we'll send you a reminder so that you can make sure you're in the plan best suited for your needs.

I'm ready to renew or upgrade with the deal, but I don't see the plan I want to purchase. 

The Black Friday deal is for both new and existing US customers looking to keep or upgrade their current photo plan, and is only available with our 5,000, 25,000, and Unlimited photo plan sizes. It is not possible to downgrade your ShootProof account and then purchase a Black Friday bundle at your current plan size.

I purchased a plan last year that included “bonus photos”. What do I need to do?

If you purchased a Black Friday 2020 plan with bonus photos, and you have more photos in your account than the standard plan allows, you can either upgrade to the next higher plan, or Archive or delete photos to bring your photo count down.

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