Key #1: Brand your account

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We want your business to thrive with ShootProof, so we've put together 5 Keys to Success for getting started. Follow along as we guide you through each quick and easy step. Once you're finished, you'll be well on your way to becoming a ShootProof Pro!

First, let’s brand your new ShootProof account with custom colors and your logo. Then, you can review or customize watermarks – they’re used to protect your photos from screenshots. Use ours, upload your own, or disable them. 

We'll show you how in the short video below.

Your navigation bar might look a little different than what you see in our Help videos. Don’t worry! The guidance in our videos (and articles) is still accurate, regardless of where your navigation bar is located.



Now you're ready to learn how to sell photo products and deliver digital files in Key to Success #2!