Key #5: Share galleries & track visits, favorites, and more!

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*This feature is not available in all plans. To see the different plans or make changes to your plan, go to the Plan & Billing tab in your account.

By now, you're ready to see your amazing work in action! Take a look by clicking Preview Gallery at the top of any of your galleries to see exactly what your client will see. 

Now that your gallery is customized, you're ready to share it with your Linked Contact or any other email address. And because you've done your homework, your clients will receive a beautifully branded email inviting them to view their photos.

We'll show you how in the video below!

🎉 Congratulations!  You're set for success after completing all 5 Keys to Success!

What's Next?

Now that you know how to share and sell with ShootProof, learn more ways that ShootProof can help your photography business thrive!  

  • Create, send, and digitally sign Contracts and agreements
  • Collect payment for sessions, packages, and more, using professional Invoices
  • Stay in contact with your clients and put more $ in your pockets by using Email Campaigns
  • Encourage your clients to buy more by selling Packages in your online galleries
  • Use Mobile Apps as a marketing and referral tool to gain more clients
  • Create a memorable experience for your clients by adding Music to your galleries


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