What do I do if my client wants to change the event date on a signed contract?

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Since modifications can't be made to contracts once they've been signed, changes to event dates require a contract amendment. ShootProof has worked with an attorney to provide you with language to use in a contract template for an amendment to modify the date of an event. Just copy and paste the following into a new contract template.


Instructions and notes:

This clause assumes the following term is defined in the original agreement:

  • Event –The wedding, corporate event, outing, session, etc...that will be photographed, including the date that will take place. (Example): wedding to take place on June 1, 2025 (“Event”). 

If this term is not in the overall agreement, the template should be modified to reflect the terms in the overall agreement. 

Terms that need to be filled in include:

  • {{Photographer}} - The person or entity that will be photographing the Event.
  • {{Original Agreement}} – The title of the original agreement for Photographing the Event.
  • {{Effective Date of Original Agreement}} – The effective date of the original agreement.
  • {{New Date for Event}} -The new date for the previously defined event.


 Amendment to Modify the Date of an Event

This amendment (“Amendment”) is entered into between {{Photographer}} (“Photographer”) and the undersigned client (“Client”) (collectively, Photographer and Client known as “Parties”) as of the date of Client’s signature (“Effective Date”) with respect to the {{Original Agreement}} between the Parties with an effective date of {{Effective Date of Original Agreement}} (“Agreement”).

  • Modification to Event Date

The term “Event” shall now mean {{New Date for Event}} instead of the date listed in the Agreement. 

  • Miscellaneous

Except as explicitly stated in this Amendment, all provisions of the Agreement are unmodified and remain in force.

The Agreement and this Amendment constitute the Parties’s entire agreement with respect to the subject matter hereof.

Capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning assigned to them in the Agreement.


Please note that ShootProof is not a law firm and cannot advise on the applicability, enforceability or legal consequence of any template or model contract provisions it provides. Further, the contract laws of each state in the United States may differ from the laws of another state or jurisdiction.  Any questions related to the applicability of these provisions to any particular set of circumstances, the legal consequence of using them or their enforceability in a given jurisdiction, should be directed to a licensed attorney in the jurisdiction(s) where the provisions will be used or enforced.


The above model provisions were prepared by John Kivus of Morningstar Law Group - https://morningstarlawgroup.com/attorneys/john-kivus/ - an attorney licensed to practice in North Carolina. By preparing these form provisions, Mr. Kivus is not providing legal advice to any recipient or user of these provisions, and makes no opinion regarding their applicability, enforceability or legal consequence in any particular circumstance or jurisdiction.