How to announce a sale to Gallery Visitors using email campaigns

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*This feature is not available in all plans. To see the different plans or make changes to your plan, go to the Plan & Billing tab in your account.

Here is a simple workflow to drive online sales to your galleries. Even if you're not booking new clients, you can still earn $$ from your photography. 

Have you ever opened an email only to forget about it shortly thereafter? ‍ We’re all guilty of it! This workflow will help you to set up an email with your clients, reminding them that the gallery still exists and prompt sales using ShootProof marketing tools. 

With our new date-based email campaign feature, there is no longer any guesswork to when the email will send. It makes the process that much easier! This will take about 15-30 minutes. Open your ShootProof account and let’s get to work!

First, there are a few planning steps to consider. 

  • What kind of sale or discount would I like to offer my clients? 
  • What kind of content will I include in the email template?
  • When would I like the emails to send?
  • Which galleries will I target?

Once you have those questions answered, we’re ready to go. For this practice, we’re going to offer an automatic 25% cart discount, email all gallery visitors notifying them of the sale, and send a campaign to all active galleries. Here we go!

1. Build your discount

  • Go to Commerce > Pricing. Check to see which price sheets you commonly use. Depending on the galleries we’re targeting, we’ll want to create a discount in each of our price sheets to ensure the discount is enabled in the gallery. (Note: we likely don’t want to change the price sheet on a gallery because that will wipe out a visitor’s saved cart items.) 
  • Open the price sheet you wish to work in. Select Discounts > Add New Discount > Create Cart Discount. I prefer to use an automatic discount so that the client doesn’t have to remember the promo code to receive the discount. In the Cart discount options, set up a value range from $0 to a really high number (like $10,000, for example) with 25%. 
  • Save the discount. 

2. Build your email template

  • Next head over to Studio > Email > Templates > New Template. 
  • Name your template > Create.
  • On the next window, we’ll create our email content.
    • Template-type: Email Gallery Link.
    • Email Subject: Enjoy 25% off your gallery for a limited time!
    • Headline: Ready, Set, SHOP!
    • Button Text: Get Started!
    • Email Body: Tell your clients about the sale, how long it lasts, and any other important information about the gallery. If the gallery has a password, be sure to include the password variable ((gallery.password)). If some of your galleries have passwords and some don’t, you might include a note saying “if your gallery doesn’t have a password, don’t fret! Just enter your email and you can access the gallery.” (If the gallery doesn’t have a password, the variable won’t display anything.)

3. Build your email campaign

  • Once you’ve set up the template, head over to the Campaigns tab.
  • Select New Email Campaign > Custom Date-Based Email Campaign.
  • Name your  campaign > Next
  • On the next window, we’ll apply settings for this specific campaign.
    • Email Template: Choose the email template that you’ve just created above!
    • Trigger Date: Choose tomorrow’s date, or whenever you’d like these emails to send
    • Recipients: All Visitors

4. Choose your galleries

  • Head over to Photos > Galleries 
  • Remember the question “which galleries will I target?” At this point, you may need to reactivate any inactive galleries or unarchive any archived galleries
  • To reactivate inactive galleries in bulk, select the Inactive filter box > Select ALL > Actions > Bulk Actions > Status: Active: 
  • To unarchive archived galleries, select the Archived filter box > select each gallery individually > Actions > Unarchive. 

5. Last step! Assign the campaign and marketing banner in bulk

  • Go to Photos > Galleries
  •  Select the Active filter box > Select ALL > Actions > Bulk Actions.
  •  In the General Settings tab, select Marketing Banner > Enabled. Enter any text here briefly highlighting the sale (85 character limit.) This will be visible in the gallery.
  • In the Advanced tab, select the Email Campaign drop-down and choose your newly created campaign.
  • Select Apply Changes.  

👉 Ready to see this workflow in action or have follow-up questions?

Watch the replay of our webinar, Driving Gallery Sales using ShootProof Marketing Tools. We’ll guide you through planning and creating a sale, targeting existing clients, and more. Watch it now!

As always, reach out to our awesome Support team at or 866-516-5130, Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm EST. 

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