🎬 From RAW to Real: Photographer Spotlight with Ryan Sims

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Want to brush up on your Photoshop skills? Now’s the perfect time! In this 2-part video series, digital artist Ryan Sims shares his process for creating incredible composites in Photoshop. From creative concepts and storyboarding, to extracting subjects, color grading and creating atmosphere, Ryan will take us through his creative process from start to finish. 

See the stunning transformation of Batgirl from Before to After, learning dozens of Photoshop tips and tricks along the way: 

Before:                                                            After:

VV5A3978.jpg                 Screen_Shot_2020-06-18_at_8.24.47_AM.png

"I have some experience Photoshop, but I walked away from today's seminar having learned or refined techniques that I really want to grasp. It's really good seeing other more experienced photographers go through their workflow and getting a more complete demonstration of photoshops tools than what I have figured out on my own." - Paul K. 

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