🎬 Virtual In-Person Sales: Photographer Spotlight with Tanille Williamson

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 In-Person Sales without being “in-person"!?! Yes, it’s totally possible! Newborn photographer, Tanille Williamson shares how she’s found success running a lucrative In-Person Sales model without being face-to-face with her clients. In this webinar, Tanille shares why IPS is worth considering, how to prepare your clients for a smooth appointment, and tips for earning bonus sales at every appointment.

"One of the first IPS webinars that was actually informational and detailed. And bonus was it being through ShootProof and how she integrates it with her IPS. I learned more from this IPS webinar than I have through any others." - Dawn C.

"I've been wanting to switch to IPS but a virtual model for a while. It helped me understand immensely how easy it actually is to do." - Melony M.