How do I customize Shopping Cart settings?

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Shopping Cart settings control the price sheet assigned to your gallery and allow you to set the options for the shopping experience for a particular gallery. 

To view the Shopping Cart settings, go to Photos > Galleries > then click Actions > Gallery Settings >  Shopping Cart. Turn on the Use Shopping Cart slider.


When the Use Shopping Cart toggle is turned on for the gallery, clients will have the option to purchase items. If the slider is turned off, clients will not be able to purchase from the gallery. 

Screen Shot 2023-05-11 at 4.44.41 PM.png

If you see a yellow banner here (seen in the screenshot above), you have not yet set up your payment processor and ShootProof has no way to collect payment from your clients. Click Select Payment Gateway to finish setting up your processor. Before sending a gallery with a shopping cart to a client, always make sure you have set up a payment processor, so your clients can pay you for their purchases. You can learn more about setting up a payment gateway here.

Select the Price Sheet you'd like to use from the drop-down menu. Then, optionally enter a Minimum Order Amount. If you indicate an amount here, clients must reach the minimum order amount before they'll have the option to checkout.

The Allow Cropping toggle will be on by default when you turn on the Shopping Cart. This lets your clients adjust crops on the items they're purchasing. Don't worry though - You still have the final say over crops before you approve the orders to be printed at the lab!

The Enable Abandoned Cart Email feature is on by default as well. This sends an automatic email to clients with items in their cart 24 hours after their last gallery activity. 

The Show "Buy All" button gives clients a simple way to purchase all the photos in the gallery as a particular item (for example, a 4x6) without having to add each photo to the cart individually. 

If the selected price sheet has packages, you can use the Offer packages only option to hide a la carte items and only allow clients to purchase packages. 

The Allow clients to Pay Later toggle lets clients place orders without paying at checkout. This is a great option for clients who have already paid or will be paying by cash or check. If the client added ShootProof-fulfilled digitals to their purchase, we will not send them to your client until you mark their order as Paid.

Let clients comment on items in their Shopping Cart by toggling on Allow client to comment on items in cart. Enabling this allows clients to add comments on items they've added to the Shopping Cart. Clients' comments will appear in the order confirmation email you receive and on the Order page. 


The Delivery Options determine whether you or your client is charged for the shipping cost.

  • If Allow pick-up only is selected, clients will not be charged for shipping and the shipping address will default to your studio address.
  • If Allow ship-to-client only is selected, clients will be charged for shipping and must add a shipping address at checkout.
  • If Allow client to choose pick-up or shipping is selected, the client chooses between picking up their order at your studio or having it shipped to themselves. They will be charged shipping if they select to have the order shipped to their address.

Add an Optional Message Shown at Checkout to relay important information about the order or thank your client for their purchase. This message will show on both the checkout page and in the order confirmation email. 

If you sell digitals through the price sheet and want a print release sent with their files, add a print release by toggling on Deliver a Print Release. Then add and edit your print release in the text box.