How do I set up some free digital downloads in Gallery Settings?

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If you include a certain number of free digitals in your session fee, then upsell additional images after the session, making it easy for your client to download their free images directly from the gallery.

First, be sure to offer digitals for sale on your price sheet. The set up a Linked Contact Digital Permission:

  1. Go to Photos > Galleries > Actions > Settings > Free Digitals. Click Create Free Digital Rule.
  2. Choose the option One Specific Person (third option). If the person isn’t already Linked to your gallery, click Create New Contact at the top and fill in the required fields. Click Add Contact.
  3. Now choose the template Original Size: Limit 5 per visitor from the dropdown. From here you can edit the number of digital downloads, set the resolution, and show the Download All button. 
  4. Click Add Rule and then save the gallery setting changes at the top right. 

Now when your client accesses the gallery using their email address, they'll have the option to download only the quantity of images you allow, and they can purchase the rest through the Shopping Cart.

To see what your client will experience, click Preview Gallery and enter your client's email address. Once in the gallery, you'll see the Download icon on your client's images.

**DO NOT download any images while logged in with your client's email address.