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Clients love to see their images on prints, canvases, and other products, and ShootProof gives you the choice of selling through a Traditional Store linked to one of our Pro Partner Labs, or through the Print Store powered by Collage. Take a look at each and choose which is right for your business model.


Traditional Print Store (Available to all Studios)

If you want to sell digitals and/or a curated selection of professional-grade prints and canvases using your own pricing, the Traditional Print Store is for you. 

Fulfilling through one of our professional partner labs (or self-fulfilling) gives you the freedom to curate the prints, products, digitals, and packages you want to offer your clients, and set your own profit margin on each item. 

When a client places an order, you'll have the opportunity to review it before sending the images to the lab for production. During order approval, you may preview and edit crops, replace images, add mounting, texture, and boutique packaging, and optionally request that the lab color correct your images. You can also select shipping location and speed.

Once you approve the order, ShootProof handles delivering files to the lab and pays the lab on your behalf, using the funds collected from the client, or by charging your credit card on file.

Issues with an order? No problem - ShootProof's Support team works directly with the lab on your behalf to rectify issues quickly.


Print Store powered by Collage (Available to US Studios only)

If you don't want to create your own price sheet, but still want to take advantage of your gallery to make incremental sales, the Print Store powered by Collage is for you. The Print Store allows your clients to order custom-printed photo products through their gallery from our partners at Collage. You'll make a 30% payout on each sale, without having to do anything other than enable the Print Store in your gallery.

Clients will have a large selection of custom items, like blankets, pillows, cards, puzzles, and socks. Orders are fulfilled through Collage and shipped directly to your client without any intervention from you. If your client experiences issues with an order, the Collage Support team is ready to help.




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