🎬 Maximizing Minis: $10k in One Easy Weekend

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In 2010, with nothing to lose, Phillip and Eileen Blume took a risky new approach to mini sessions in a final effort to save their failing business. The immediate result was $8,000 in one weekend. But the bigger outcome was a revolutionary plan that launched the Blumes into a six-figure "fastest-growing" business, and a life of meaningful projects around the world.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to profit more in 20 minutes than most wedding photographers do in 10 hours.
  • When to promote mini sessions so you stand out above all the rest.
  • Why strategic minis will fill (and never undercut!) your calendar with full-length portrait shoots.
  • Where to find portrait clients who will pay big, return every year, and send their friends to you!