Turn on Print Store in Your Client Galleries

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If you're a US-based studio, it's easy to turn on Print Store in your client galleries. First, be sure you've connected ShootProof Pay to your account. If you don't have ShootProof Pay set up in your account, you won't be able to turn on Print Store for your galleries.

Once ShootProof Pay is set up, go to Gallery Settings > Shopping Cart > toggle on Use Shopping Cart > Select Print Store Powered by Collage. Don't forget to Save!




The first time you turn on Print Shop in your account, you'll be asked to authorize the app. This is the same authorization you see each time you connect a third-party app (like the Lightroom Plugin, Desktop Uploader, or ShootProof Community) to your account. 




Here you'll also view the Print Store Terms and Conditions.

Now that the Print Store is turned on in your gallery, visitors will have access to hundreds of custom-printed items and gifts! Learn more about the client experience in the Print Store.


If you'd like to use Print Store in future galleries, save your settings as a preset. Then you can select the preset next time you upload a gallery.


If you'd like to turn on Print Store for multiple existing galleries, use Bulk Actions:

  • Go to Photos > Galleries
  • Select the Galleries where you'd like to enable Print Store (or Select All)
  • Click Actions > Bulk Actions > Use Shopping Cart > Print Store
  • Apply Changes




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