View Orders and Get Paid Using the Print Store

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Print Store Order Information

Once an order processes, you'll receive an email notification from ShootProof. 


Click View Order to access the Order page. Here you can find the order number, date and time it was placed, name and address of your client, the item details, and the payout you earned on the order. 



Once the order is shipped by Collage, a link will appear under the margin total, taking you to your ShootProof Pay portal, where you can see the availability of funds.

The payout you earn will be sent to your ShootProof Pay account once the order ships.

When an order ships, tracking information will update on the Order page, and your client will receive an email notification from Collage.


Print Store Refunds

If your client is unsatisfied with their order and receives a refund from Collage, you still keep the margin you earned on the sale. Clients will need to contact Collage directly to request a refund.


Print Store Order Cancellations

If your client cancels an order before it ships, you will not receive any payment from the sale. Print Store orders can be canceled within 30 minutes of placing the order.





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