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View the Gallery

Once you've enabled the Print Store on a gallery, your gallery visitors will have access to hundreds of custom printed products through Collage. They can access the print store by clicking Start your Project, or Print Store in the top navigation bar.




Enter the Print Store

The Print Store opens in a new browser tab and is branded with your logo and brand colors, and displays the cover Image from the gallery.

Clients can scroll down to browse products, or click Choose Your Product to begin their design. 




Design a Project

Once your client selects a product, they'll be taken to the product design page, which is populated with their gallery images.

If the gallery contains albums, images are organized into albums on the design page. Password-protected albums require that the password be entered in order to use those images in the design. If clients have selected favorites in the gallery, their favorited images will show in an album titled Favorites.

Depending on the item selected, they'll have options for cropping images, adding text and background patterns, rotating images, etc.

When the design is complete, click Review to double-check the project. 




After reviewing the design, click Back to make additional edits, or select the quantity and add the item to the cart. 




On the Checkout page, your client will see their total, including a default discount to incentivize sales based on e-commerce best practices. The discount code with the best savings will automatically apply to the cart. Clients will also see options for adding complementary items to the cart before checkout.




On the Checkout page, clients enter their email address and shipping address, optionally opt-in to receive shipping updates via text, select shipping speed, add an optional Gift Message, and enter payment info.

If they enter a Gift Message, the recipient will receive an email letting them know their gift is on the way.


Now the order is complete! Clients receive a confirmation on-screen:




They'll also receive a confirmation email with their order details:






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